Bar Tools

Cocktails don't just magically mix themselves together. There is a lot that goes into making a drink and as I learned while working construction, always use the right tool to get the desired result.

The right tool may be the right glassware, the right ice, the right mixing tool, or even the right straw.

Boston Shaker

No cocktail bar is complete without a shaker. The Boston Shaker is my weapon of choice. Not to be confused with a cobbler shaker that has a cap, this shaker uses a pint glass as a mixing glass. A separate strainer is used to hold back the ice from shaking the drink.

Cocktail Spoon

Another favorite tool, the cocktail spoon that I use has a flat piece on the end that can be used for muddling.

Yarai Mixing Glass

Used to stir and mix drinks instead of shake them, this beautiful mixing glass has a traditional Japanese Yarai pattern on it.

Soda Stream Penguin

Turn water instantly into club soda with a press of his beak. My new favorite toy.

Hawthorne Strainer

The most common cocktail strainer uses a spring to filter ice out of a drink that has been shaken. It doesn't keep out much else.

Angled Measuring Jigger

I use this jigger as opposed to the traditional cone shaped jiggers because it is easier to use, easier to read and has a pouring spout.


When the back of a cocktail spoon just won't get the job done I use a wooden basic muddler.

Ice Molds

My wife will tell you that I am an ice nerd. I love having different shapes and kinds of ice for each kind of drink. So our freezer is full of ice cube trays of all shapes and sizes.