The Prichard Family

The name Prichard comes from the name Ap Richard which means son of Richard. The Prichards are descendant from Welsh nobility.

While the Prichard family roots can be traced all the way back to 528 A.D., the oldest relative that we will focus on in William Prichard, from whom all Prichards in America descended.  

William Prichard was born in England in about 1617. He emigrated to America, specifically Lynn, Massachusetts in about 1636.

In 1665 William uprooted his family and moved from Ipswich to the area known as Quaboag, which was nothing but wilderness. The settled in an area that they called Prichard's Hill. As one of the original planter families in the area, the Prichards played a large part in the creation and incorporation of what is now called Brookfield, Massachusetts.

William fought in King Philip's War as a Second Sergeant. He was killed on August 2, 1675 in the Ambush at Braintree. William's son Samuel was also killed in the siege at Brookfield. Samuel was beheaded and his head was tossed around by the Indians before being placed on a spike in front of the Prichard family home.

The remaining Prichards moved out of Brookfield and into Suffield where they began to thrive.