Recipe: Old Fashioned

The drink that whet my appetite for making drinks is the Old Fashioned. I first saw one being made at the Flintridge Proper in La Canada. It was a very complex process that took a lot of care and the final product was one that was not only delicious but also provided me my first enjoyment of whiskey.

From there I decided that I had to recreate this cocktail. After lots of "experimenting" this is the recipe that I use for my Old Fashioned.



2-2.5 ounces of Bourbon or Rye (Typically I use Bulliet)

1 Sugar Cube

Splash of water

3-4 dashes of Angostura Bitters

Orange peel for garnish


I place sugar cube in glass, dash bitters on top, add splash of water. Muddle the sugar cube and stir onto sides of the glass until you have no large chunks of sugar.


Add ice. I prefer larger ice for this drink so that it stays cold without watering it down too much.


Add bourbon. You don't have to measure this strictly. I usually pour around 2 fingers. Stir until cold. The orange peel needs to be twisted to express the oils over the drink. I usually prefer to flame the orange peel to get a different and more intense flavor. Place in glass after it has been rubbed along the rim of the glass.


Enjoy this while looking wistfully out a window or maybe in front of a fire or while dining on a piece of meat that you killed and cooked yourself.