Out of Town: Alibi Cocktail Lounge, Las Vegas, NV

This past weekend the wife and I took a trip with the in-laws to Vegas. 

The really fun new thing for me while traveling to an area I don't normally frequent is to find some interesting bars that I want to try and to find some great cocktail selections.

So a few days before our trip I picked out five bars that I thought we could try. Those bars were Vesper at the Cosmopolitan, Minus 5 at the Monte Carlo, Mob Bar across from the Mob Museum, Herbs and Rye off the strip and Downtown Cocktail Room. 

We actually only went to Vesper and Minus 5 due to the hours and locations of the other bars. Both were great.

Vesper is inspired by James Bond and his signature vodka martini called the Vesper. It was a nice little lobby bar, but nothing too special.  

Minus 5 was a bar made entirely out of ice and kept at a brisk 5 degrees below zero. The atmosphere there was very fun and it was a great experience for the family. 

However, we discovered one bar that was not on my list that ended up taking the cake as the best bar of the weekend. That bar was the Alibi Cocktail Lounge in the Aria. 

About Alibi:

The vibe at Alibi is class. Classy cocktails, classy look, classy location, classy everything. Located on the casino floor at the Aria, the open design allows you to see whats going on in the casino while also feeling tucked away. 

Drink of Choice:

I fell in love with their Spiced Milk Punch. It paired Barbancourt 8 year Rum and Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac with spiced milk. Throw some pistachio on top as well as a shortbread cookie and although sounding a little strange, it was a party in my mouth. 

It was so good I had to go back to have it again the next night to make sure that I hadn't imagined it.

Dish of Choice:

We actually didn't eat anything but it all sounded amazing. From mini pretzels to pigs in a blanket, it was the perfect sounding drunk food. 

Favorite Feature:

There was a whole section of the menu called "Classic Cocktails" where it listed some of the more classic types of cocktails like a buck, a fizz, an old fashioned, a martini and the like, however you got to choose what spirit to pair it with. 

So let's say you are in the mood for some Rum but you wanted to try a fizz, you could order a Rum Fizz and it is made in a very classic way. 

I loved the idea of a menu teaching people a little bit about the classic style of cocktails while also having an interesting cocktail list. 

This bar was a great find and a must visit for any trip to Vegas. 

Ross ColemanComment