About Town: Faith and Flower, Los Angeles

Faith and Flower had been a location that the wife and I had earmarked for some time as a place that we really wanted to go. We finally got a chance last month to go for my mother's birthday.

The experience ruined us. It feels like no other meal or cocktail can live up to what we experienced. We still talk about the food and drinks to anyone who will listen. It was that good.

About Faith and Flower: 

Walking into Faith and Flower is quite an experience. The decor is beautiful and edgy, the vibe is very neat and it just feels very well though out. 

What drew me in to Faith and Flower was the cocktail. The cocktail that was voted by Esquire magazine as the Cocktail of the Year in 2014. The English Milk Punch. 

Drink of Choice:

Obviously it has to be the English Milk Punch. This cocktail is so hard to describe. It is among the easiest cocktails to drink I have ever had, but it also had a creaminess to it that was unexpected of a clear drink. 

The process of making English Milk Punch can be read about here. Hearing about the process makes the drink sound a little scary, but it is the best cocktail I have ever had. And I don't say that lightly. 

If I had to make a second choice it would be the Harry Winston. This Japanese Old Fashioned was the most perfectly balanced Old Fashioned I have had yet. 

For dessert we had a shared dessert cocktail called the Leap of Faith. It involves some absinthe, a little fire, some vapor and lastly root beer. It was a must try even if you don't care much for absinthe.

Dish of Choice:

This is a tough choice because of how great all of the food was. The menu is family style with smaller dishes served. So for a family of five we ordered close to 12 dishes which means we got to taste a ton of stuff. 

The two dishes that I will order every time I go back to Faith and Flower are the oxtail agnolotti and the Jersey Boy pizza. 

The oxtail agnolotti was a delicious oxtail pasta with a sauce that was unreal. The light pasta went very quickly and was a favorite of the whole table.

The Jersey Boy pizza was a thin pizza with the perfect amount of cheese and meat. It also had everything bagel seasoning on the crust that was to die for. My sister who spent a semester abroad in Italy said that this pizza was the closest thing she had ever had to the pizza she ate in Florence. 

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