Recipe: Coleman Cadillac Margarita

That's right, a recipe of my very own. 

This is a play on the Partida Margarita recipe and one of the first drinks that I really made consistently when I started mixing drinks.

Seeing as today is Cinco de Mayo, what better day is there to hand out my recipe. 

The history of the Margarita is not really known, but most stories have the drink created in Mexico sometime in the 1930's or 40's. Most recipes are about the same, but very few of them contain a natural sweetener that really balances the drink. 


1.5oz Premium Reposado Tequila (I used Espolon)

.5oz Grand Marnier

1oz Fresh Lime Juice

1oz Agave Syrup (Agave nectar cut 50% with water)


Add tequila, Grand Marnier, and lime juice to the cocktail shaker first. The easiest way to add the agave syrup is to fill a jigger half way with the nectar then top off with water. Find a way to stir it, a toothpick or cocktail pick work well, so that the syrup is easy to pour. Add it to the shaker. 

Shake well.

Add to a glass over ice. Garnish with a lime wheel. Some people salt the rim, but with this cocktail you don't really need it. Most of the time, the salt is used to cut the sour flavor. This is not a sour drink.

Enjoy in the hot sun with some chips and guacamole.   

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