Recipe: Kentucky Mule

One of the most popular drinks being served today is the Moscow Mule. Vodka and ginger beer pair well with a touch of lime. Light, refreshing, but ultimately limited. 

The reason I say the Moscow Mule is limited is because Vodka is too blank of a slate to make a complex and delicious drink. It feels like there is something missing in a Moscow Mule. 

Bourbon, Rum, Tequila, or even Mezcal add a level of complexity to the Mule that take it to a whole other level. 


2oz Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Ginger Beer

Half a lime

1 Mint Sprig


If we are making a Kentucky Mule, it would make sense to have the Bourbon be from Kentucky. So I use Buffalo Trace, a good bourbon that stands on it's own but pairs very well in this cocktail. 

Fill a copper mug with ice, preferably crushed.  Pour 2 ounces of bourbon. Fill most of the rest of the cup with ginger beer and the juice from half a lime. Drop the juiced lime into the drink as a garnish. Top with more crushed ice and a mint sprig to add some aroma and a little more complexity still. 

Enjoy on a hot summer day while putting some pennies on the ponies. 

Ross ColemanComment