Rum is a sweet alcohol distilled from sugarcane byproducts like molasses or sugar cane juice. Often times rum is aged in oak barrels which gives the color. However, there are some rums that are not aged in barrels so they can keep the clear color.

 Most of the Rum in the world comes from the Caribbean and Latin America.

Rum comes in many different types.

Dark rum is known for its color, which, as you might guess, is very dark. Usually dark rums are distilled from molasses and are aged longer than any other rum. This gives dark rums stronger flavors than any others.

Gold rum is medium bodied rums that are aged in barrels. Gold rums are a good middle point between dark and light rums.

Light rums are also called white or silver rums. There is usually little added flavor because they are often aged in metal barrels and often filtered to remove any color. 

Spiced rums get their flavor from added flavors like caramel or spices. They are typically based off gold rums to have some flavor. 

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

Named for famed tattoo artist Norman Keith Collins, this spiced rum has been in production since 1999. It is 92 Proof Navy Spiced Rum.

Myers Platinum White Rum

Jamaican made rum that has been imported to the US since the 1880s. One of the finest rums for cheap.